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The name Roulette is, the roulette, which means “small wheel”, first appeared in France in the late 17th century. The roulette played in the casinos named Roulette Desk named Roulette, is in the form of impeller and the numbers from 0 to 36. In the game, each number has its own color to be red, black and 1 green zero. The game progresses on the colors of the bets or on the odd or even numbers. Before the game starts, the furbier is activated to determine the winning number and color by taking estimates. The ball launched in the opposite direction of the roulette wheel turned in the opposite direction, after a period of time, it has determined the winning color and the number.

Roulette bets as well as a single number, the double number or single number bets that are sufficient to arrive on a double or single number of the ball, red and black color forecasts that can rise up to 2 times the amount, 1-12 of 13-24 / 25-36 It can also be carried out in the form of bets to the regions and combinations.

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