Daniel Negreanu: Hendon Mob Texas holdem Collection

As I walked to the bar, the wind was both warmer and more motive. When I arrived at Ick Crov, without hesitation he opened the door and entered. At that moment Liana turned her head in her seat and looked at him. George saw a gleam in his eyes. Liana was not the kind of person who showed her reactions. ‘You’re you,’ George said. Yes. Hi, George. Liana had said this in a monotonous voice, as if they had met before that day. “I saw you sitting there,” George said, nodding over the back of the bar. I wasn’t sure if it was you first. You have changed a little. But then, as I passed by, I had no doubts. I went half the way and then came back. ‘I’m glad you’re back,’ Liana said. Actually I came here … to this bar … looking for you. I knew you lived around here somewhere. Ya. I’m glad you know me first. I don’t know if I would dare to come to you. I guess what you feel for me. Then you know more than me. I don’t know exactly how I feel for you. I mean, about what happened. Liana hadn’t changed her position since George had returned to the bar, but she was keeping the beat with her fingers to the song that was playing. Yes, he, George said, but despite his best efforts he could not remember what he was talking about. Yes, she, Liana repeated. Both of them laughed. Liana turned her body to that side to look directly at him. Should I be worried? Worry? Are you going to have me arrested? Will you throw the drink in my face? Liana had smile lines around the corners of her eyes. This was something new. 18 The cops are about to come here. My job is to just keep you busy here. George kept smiling, but not sincere. Liana had to say, I’m kidding, when she didn’t say anything right away. I know. Would you like to sit down? Do you have time to have a drink?

Actually … I’ll meet someone soon. This lie came easily out of George’s mouth. Being so close to Liana, the smell of her skin made her mind confused, and she felt an almost animal urge to escape. Yeah … Okay, Liana said quickly. But there is something I want you to do. A favor. OK. Can we meet somewhere? Like tomorrow. Do you live in here? No. Just to the city … I’m visiting a friend … It’s a bit complicated. I want to talk to you. If you do not want it, I understand it. “Well,” George said, saying he might change his mind later. Does that ‘okay’ mean you want to talk too? Sure, let’s meet while you’re here. I promise I will not call the police or anything. I just want to know what he’s doing. Thank you so much. Thanks. Liana’s chest swelled as she took a deep breath through her nostrils. George heard the rustle of his blouse somehow despite the noise coming from the fridge. How did you find out that I live here? I searched for you on the internet. It was not so difficult. Probably your name is still not Liana.

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