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With the telegraph and railways connecting the factories to the cities, the center to the provinces, the cities to the cities and the countries to the countries, the mentioned network system was formed. Today, the internet system is both this network itself and it needs this network. Telecommunication infrastructure, servers, computers in our house operate over this network. In this way, we send / receive e-mail or buy a book we are looking for over an internet system; that book is delivered to us via mail or courier system. The development of communication tools and technologies has reduced our world to a village. Reaching the other end of the world, sending a document consists of simple operations we do within seconds. We become aware of an important social movement or natural disaster somewhere in the world in a very short time, as soon as it begins to occur. This is due to the communication technologies transforming our world into a “Global Village” as Marshall McLuhan said. An important development regarding new media is the emergence of Web 2.0 technology. Thanks to this technology, individuals have become not only consumers of the internet, but also producers. With the concept of “Network Society” as stated by Castells, every computer in the world was theoretically connected to each other and thanks to technology, individuals became content producers. The concept of new media brought with it the concept of Social Media. Social networks created by individuals are among the indispensable elements of our lives, which we frequently use today. Millions of people around the world are members of relevant networks: so we send and share our messages, photos, videos to other users. The content we create is followed by thousands of people. We try to explain ourselves to other people by creating profiles. Cell phones, telephones

visions have become tools that enable us to reach the internet and social media today. In short, the internet, new media and social networks are a part of the daily life of the people of our age.

THE EFFECTS OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Naturally, the industrial revolution is not a formation that emerges out of nowhere. A number of inventions came with the discovery and the emergence of new forms of political governance. For example, Lewis Mumford points out the importance of the invention of the mechanical clock to the Industrial Revolution as follows: “The key device that marked the modern industrial age is the clock, not the steam machine. province. This flawless, automatic device was born like a miracle from the beginning of modern technology. In terms of determining the amount of energy that can be used, standardization, automatic movement, and finally reporting the time, which is its function, the clock did not remain as the most important machine created by today’s technology, but also its predecessor in the following periods. Preserved its reputation. Today, the hour is taken as an example in determining the level of competence for other machines ”.

Another important phenomenon in the realization of the Industrial Revolution is the development of transportation vehicles and road technologies. A faster communication network and the physical response of this network, both communication and roads that will transport goods from factories to cities / countries. Stronger and faster means of transportation to navigate on trade routes. The market concept, which emerged long before with the Industrial Revolution, has become more important. Production has also specialized in meeting the needs of the market.

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